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Randolph Arizona Sustained Incorporated is a non-profit conservancy organization formed to preserve Randolph, a historically significant town.


Randolph Arizona Sustained and Vanderbeak Safe Haven form the Randolph-Vanderbeak Coalition, a social justice community supporting the unincorporated town of Randolph, an exemplar of structural racism.


Interactive maps of Randolph, Arizona highlight conservation easements, display possible contributing structures qualifying for historical designation, and disclose encroaching development.


This linear timeline demonstrates the formation of structural racism revealing the sources responsible.


Hic Manebimus Optime!

We adopted the Latin phrase, "hic manebimus optime!" for our motto as it inspires confidence and unwavering love for our home and confirms our intention to remain here in Randolph.

The English translation is, "Here we will stay, most excellently!"


Support our plan to save the unincorporated town of Randolph, Arizona.

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Randolph Arizona Sustained, Incorporated is an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation.